Audition Workshop


Audition Workshop

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Join together with Paraphrase Productions Executive Director, Paul Davis, and Production Manager, Victoria Sanchez, to learn the art of the audition and, hopefully, begin to perfect good practices to make you stand out to a casting director.

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Auditioning is the most important skill that an actor can have. A good actor who is bad at auditioning will not succeed. This course will teach you what you need to know in order to make yourself stand out at an audition and get the role. This four-week audition workshop will bring you through the entire audition process from selecting your monologue and song to deciding what to wear for your audition.

For the whole four-week workshop you will pay only $40.00 or you can come to a select number of workshops for $15.00 each workshop

Please check back soon to sign up for these workshops.

Week One: The Fundamentals - Learn what the casting directors are looking for and what it means to audition for a role in both regional theater and professional theater. This workshop will help determine the roles that you will thrive in and help you perfect your type as you broaden your reach.

Week Two: The Package - Learn how to select an audition package that will best showcase the actor that you are as well as the actor you want to become. 

Week Three: The Logistics - Learn how to best create an impressive headshot and resume. You will also be learning about the audition itself and work on deciding how to best dress, act, and present yourself.

Week Four: The Audition - Showcase all that you have learned in order to receive feedback and guidance on what you need to do in order to keep the positive momentum created through this course. You will also have the opportunity to be cast in Paraphrase Productions' 2018 Mentorship Production.