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Production Team

Director - Paul Davis

Musical Director - Jerrod Uowitz

Stage Manager - Victoria Sanchez

Assistant Stage Manager - Maya Aizenman

Choreographer - Taylor Rhoades

Set Designer - Paul Davis

Lighting Designer - Emma Satchell

Costumers - Linda Lyon & Val Rhoades

Producers - Yvonne Hildebrand-Bowen &  Paul Davis


Conductor - Jerrod Unowitz

Piano - Taylor Safina

Violin - Eva Moore

Viola - Alyca Tanner

Cello - Isabella Rowntree

Saxophone - Maddie Jewell

Trumpet, Flute, Keyboard - George Haugen

Guitar - Justin Gaudoin & Colin Skerritt

Percussion - Jerrod Unowitz


Pippin - Ty Barrett

Leading Player - Justin Gaudoin

Catherine - Audrey Moonan

Charlemagne- Christopher Heimer

Fastrada - Maddie Jewell

Lewis - Alex Thibbeau

Berthe - Linda Felice

Theo - Josh Hart

Manson Players - Taylor Rhoades & Emma Milette

Ensemble - Laurel Bowen, Bailey Brewer, Adrian Clark, Alexandra Collard, Isabella Gomez,George Haugen, Dani Heimer, Jordyn Howell, Ashley Lyon, Eva Moore, Sofia Moore, Lauren Pick, Isabella Rowntree, Taylor Saffina, Cady Simons, Colin Skerritt, Maya Sritharan, Andrew Simpson, Jerrod Unowitz

Production Crew

Sound - Andrew Folk

Light Board Operator - Sierra Luna Gibson

Stage Manager - Victoria Sanchez

Spot Light Operators - Sierra & Maya Hotz

Stage Crew - TerriLynn Nelson & Christina Brewer

Fledgling theater company brings two classics to the stage-at the same time.

When old-timer thespians and emerging directors Paul Davis (founder and president of Paraphrase Productions) and Andrew Marderian (previous stage manager, The Addams Family) set out to fill Paraphrase's' summer slot, they didn't realize they would end up with two equally gorgeous, evocative musicals on their plate.

'Pippin,' 'La Mancha' double bill at the Forest

The outdoor Forest Theater in Carmel will be the scene for a showcase of two popular musicals to perform on alternating nights. "Pippin" and "Man of La Mancha," produced by the local group Paraphrase Productions, will use the same set, and many of the same actors, in both productions to take place this weekend and next - July 13-16 and 20-23.