Quasimodo - Out There

Cast recording 2:28-end

Piano backing 0:45-end:

Quasimodo - Made of Stone

Cast recording 1:30-2:40:

Piano backing 0:50-2:00:

Frolo - Out There

Cast recording beginning-1:36:


There will is no piano backing provided for this song

Folo - Hellfire

Cast recording 2:00-end:

Piano backing 1:50-end:

Esmeralda - Rhythm of the Tambourine

Cast recording 2:23-end:

Piano backing 1:55-2:20:

Phoebus - Rest and Recreation

Cast recording 1:40-2:17:

Piano backing 1:45-2:20:

Esmeralda & Phoebus - Someday

Cast recording beginning-2:30:

Piano backing beginning-2:20:

Clopin - Topsy Turvy Part 2

Cast recording beginning-0:53:

Piano backing beginning-0:53:

Clopin - Court of Miracles

Cast recording beginning-1:00:

Piano backing 0:32-1:18: