Paraprhase Productions' Emerging Artists Program began as a place to train up and coming directors. With this background, Directing has served as the cornerstone training to the program and has advanced to a fully emersive program which allows directors not only to understand and begin to perfect the craft of directing but also allows them to gain a better form of communication with each of the departments involved in a production to ensure a cohesive artistic vision.

Directors of the Emerging Artists program will serve as members in various creative capacities in Paraphrase Productions' Summer Season in order to aid them in building the vocabulary necessary to communicate with each department. After shadowing in each department, Directors will be given the opportunity to direct a prodction of their choosing. They will recieve the support of Emerging Artist Program instructors as well as direct access to all creative members of Paraphrase Productions.

Individuals in the Directing selection of the Program will be guided through readings, one on one meetings with various directors, sitting in on a multitude of rehearsals, and working through the recommended procedures to efficently and creatively direct a production.

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Required Texts

Reading Schedule

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