Stage Management

Paraphrase Productions' Emerging Artists Program has created a space for members to learn, and better understand, concepts of stage management in a low risk and safe environment. This program effectively breaks down the responsibilities and tasks stage managers aquire and perform every day into a week by week learning curriculum involving: work with Google and Microsoft platforms, organization techniques, communication and leadership skills, and tricks of the trade.

Stage managers in the Emerging Artists Program will shadow different Paraphrase professionals and work through various projects with an instructor that will help in discovering their own unique management style. Members will have access to seasoned stage managers, production managers, and directors that are eager to share expereiences, materials and insights to aid members in their growth towards the capstone task of stage managing their own production.

Through the capstone task, new stage managers have the unique oporunity to grow alongside other members of the program from different departmemts (directing, designing, etc.) in order to facilitate a collaborative work and master tecniques and knowledge in an energized and fast paced setting.


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