2019 Season auditions

Cinderella Ensemble - Casting through September 23

Auditions and callbacks will be held at the paraphrase office at the american tin cannery:

125 Ocean view blvd, suite 312


All Skill Levels Welcome! 

Paraphrase Productions is committed to inclusivity and diversity. We are looking for people who will work hard and collaborate with others well to create an excellent production. 


Cinderella Information

Production Schedule: First rehearsal will be held September 23. Performances will be December 5-29 at Paper Wing Theatre.

Special Note: We are looking for actors who are bilingual in English and Spanish. If this describes you, please denote that in your email.

If you are interested in joining the ensemble of Cinderella, please email admin@paraphrase-productions.com.

Callback Information

You will be emailed prior to September 23rd with casting information.