Our Wish List

While Paraphrase Productions will always accept a monetary donation, if you truly want to become a part of the space we are creating please consider purchasing something from our wish list below. 

Each of these items have been hand picked by department heads at Paraphrase Productions and serve a necessary role in the success of our company. 

To purchase something on our wish list simply click "Buy on Amazon" under the item you wish to donate to Paraphrase. When prompted by Amazon please put our mailing address in the shipping information.

Paraphrase Productions

1284 Adobe Ln.

PaciFIC GROVE, CA 93950


Pant & Skirt Hangers

As our costume collection is growing and expanding we are finding that plastic hangers and binder clips aren't cutting it anymore as a substitution for pant & Skirt hangers. Especially since our next summer productions will be set in locations with copious ammounts of peseants wearing tattered skirts, Pant & Skirt Hangers are a necessity.

$16.81 $19.99

Gaffers Tape

A MUST HAVE for every theater company. Some say that Duct Tape is the go-to fix for everything. Those who say that are wrong. Gaffers tape is sometimes what literally holds set pieces together, dangerous wires down, and makes quick costume fixes a breeze. Please help feed our addiction to various tapes with this staple tape.



If you thought our tape obsession was bad, you should see our pen collection. Paraphrase Productions should be hired as the official Pilot G-2 Pen series spokes-company. Whether it's for filling out forms, blocking scenes, taking notes for the cast, or anything for that matter, Pilot G-2 Pens are the lifeforce behind Paraphrase Productions.


Folding Chairs

When Winson Churchhill was asked to what he attributed his success in life he responded with the following:

"Economy of effort. Never stand up when you can sit down, and never sit down when you can lie down."

How, then, can Paraphrase Productions ever succeed without the abilty to sit? What will become of this growing theater company with no means to "economize their effort"?


Folding Table

As we grow and grow and grow, Paraphrase Productions will be in need of more and more folding tables. This item is necessary for not only a flat surface but also for Prop Storage, Meetings, Art Projects, and sometimes Set Pieces. This folding table will serve as the surface in which Grateness is achieved.


Safety Pins

It's in the name. Safety Pins have been saving Paraphase from nip slips, costume malfunctions, and other such scandals since 2015. Please, help Paraphrase continue it's streak of modist, SAFE theater.



Have you ever wondered what keeps Paraphrase Cast and Crew members so close? Some say it's love and friendship. Some say it's the safe space that Paraphrase Cultivates. The honest truth? INDUSTRIAL STRENGHT GLUE GUNS

Although that is not actually the case for cast bonding, it most certantly is the case for costume pieces, props, set peices, etc.


Foorearm Forklift Mooving Cradle

In the past, Paraphrase Productions has not been a friend to the common back. With the constant wear and tear employees, crew, and cast members are expected to go through we have seen a number of backs thrown out.

Paraphrase Productions is willing to end this feud once and for all. But this peace treaty between Paraphrase and the Back cannot be made possible without your support. Please. Promote peace. Not War.


Commercial Grade Clothing Rack

Have you ever seen a show by Paraphrase Productions? If so, you've probably noticed how beautiful our costumes are. Here's the thing about costumes, though: they need to be put somewhere.

The reason we are looking at these commerical grade clothing racks, specifically, is becauase costumers tend to be smaller than the racks they work on. We don't want to have a cheap rack that falls and kills a costumer. Yes, they sign a waver... but please... these are lives here people!