Paul Davis

Positions: President, Executive Director, Producer, Actor

Age: 19

Director: Python & Poison, Grimhilde, Little Shop of Horrors, Addams Family: A New Musical

Actor: Guys and Dolls, Into the Woods, Grimhilde, Python & Poison, Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Annie, The Hobbit, Oliver, Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Hairspray, An Inspector Calls, Charm of Preparedness


 Some people see theatre as a system of entertainment, something one can watch to feel any array of emotions one wishes. Others see theatre as a form of art in which all things have a deeper meaning, however, never are to be translated into real life. Others yet, see theatre as a facade in which creators hide behind. Theatre, to me, is a combination of these three views. I believe that theatre is something in which entertainment, meaning, and sanctuary can be found. I do, however, also believe that it is much more than just that. Theatre is an expression of ones life. It is a way to tell stories that are born in a world of imagination and can only be portrayed through such a world. It is an escape to those who are lost and weary, or an instigator for feelings one wishes to possess. To be brief, theatre is so much more than one, simple, definition. I have a deep passion for theatre for this exact reason. I am enthralled by it’s ability to be so much more than one thing.

Performing arts is a major part of my life. It is something that I have always loved and will always strive to be the very best I can be in. My passion for performing arts started when I was very young. My parents took us to go see the annual summer musical at the Forest Theatre. After watching Peter Pan one summer, I vividly remember going up to the stage, putting my hand on it, and telling my parents that I wanted to perform on that stage. As I grew older, my passion and ability grew as well until I was finally able to perform on the stage of my dreams, at the Forest Theatre. After my first show, I was hooked. I knew that this was my calling. I went on to perform in many other shows and my passion grew and expanded. My sophomore year of high school, I got the opportunity to write and direct a short skit to be performed in a small review show. It was a major success and I knew I didn't want to stop. I went on to write and direct a full review show that was performed the following year. I found a great passion in the directing and writing of theatre and have been growing ever since.

From those roots I was able to go on to start a new theatre company, Paraphrase Productions. With the one goal of bettering my art as well as the art of those around me, it was obvious that this company needed to be something new and something different. I wanted Paraphrase Productions to be a safe place for young adults to learn and grow as actors, directors, choreographers, stage managers, etc. After our first production, Little Shop of Horrors, we quickly grew and gained recognition. Then, my dream came true. In the summer of 2016 Paraphrase Productions partnered with the Forest Theater Guild to produce Addams Family: A New Musical. I was able to direct for the Forest Theater. My dream came true. Addams Family: A New Musical was a major success and allowed Paraphrase to grow even more.

I cant help but thank God for all that He has given me and all that He has done. I don't know what lies ahead of me or what plan He has set for my life. One thing I do know, Performing Arts has been a driving force in my life, and I know I will always yearn towards it.

I am currently attending BIOLA University, located in Los Angeles and am pursuing an interdisciplinary major in Cinema and Media Arts and Theater (with a concentration in directing). 



Victoria Sanchez

Positions: Director, Stage Manager

Age: 20

Stage Manager: Addams Family: A New Musical, An Inspector Calls

Actor: The Taming of the Shrew, The Crucible, Almost, Maine, Macbeth, Into The Woods, The Haunted Circus, Annie, Leaving Iowa, Charm of Preparedness, Alice in Another Land, Our Town, Arsenic and Old Lace

Co Director: The Ghost Train

Other: Member of the International Thespian Society ranked as National Honor Thespian: 

I am fortunate enough to say that I have no memory of a time where my days did not strongly revolve around the love of Jesus and the wonder of theatre. Looking back on every elementary "All About Me" poster, dream journal, or fun fact notecard I always knew I wanted to be an artist. There was one brief period where I thought maybe I would be a teacher or a doctor, but at age 8 I learned about Broadway and I was sold. 12 years later I see that Broadway isn't the only place to perform and that Jesus loves art just as much as, if not more than, I do. 
In my 20 years I have studied under many directors, vocal coaches, choreographers, and other artists. All have contributed to my theology of theater which is this: that those who have the privilege to know have the obligation to do. We were created to create, and I know no better form of worship that to proudly display the complexity of the human race well and in full truth. 
Being a part of theatre has allowed me to see the importance of mistakes, the necessity life holds for risks, and the beauty of our minds and emotions. I also know full well the importance of gaf tape and mini flashlights. Lord willing, I am going to do this forever; it only gets better from here. 

Andrew Marderian

Positions: Director, Assistant Stage Manager

Age: 21

Stage Manager: Addams Family: A New Musical, Charm of Preparedness

Actor: Our Town, Little Shop of Horrors, The Diviners, Leaving Iowa, An Inspector Calls

Theater holds tremendous power. It is a way of telling stories that long to be told--and can be told effectively by no other medium. I have always been enthralled by the profound ability theater has to tell these stories of the human experience in wholly unique and ways. I believe that theater, more than any other form of art, can help us ask what it truly means to be human. 

Though I did not grow up involved in theater, I discovered it in high school I immediately knew it was my calling and the only thing I could envision myself pursuing.  Whether involved in performance or production, theater is where I feel like my truest self--whole and complete by the work of Jesus Christ. Theater can teach so much about ourselves, others, and the world. And it is for those reasons that I have dedicated myself to honing my craft with passion and diligence.

While my roots in theater began on stage as an actor, I look forward to continuing in developing my skills as a Stage Manager and a Director. I am currently a student at Biola university in Los Angeles where I am studying Theatre and Great Books.