The Forest Theater Guild and Paraphrase Productions

partnering together again to present:


July 13, 15, 21, 23

At the Outdoor Forest Theater

Directed by Paul Davis



As told by a traveling troupe of actors led by the cunning and charming Leading Player, Pippin is the story of a young prince, heir to the throne, who is searching for his own “corner of the sky.” Pippin returns from university certain that he will find a fulfilling purpose in life. As encouraged by the Leading Player, Pippin dabbles in bloody battle, licentious and lusty sexual entanglements, and saavy political maneuvers, only to discover that true happiness is more complicated than he thought. With infectious tunes by Stephen Schwartz and classic choreography from Bob Fosse, Pippin is both a humorous allegory about growing up and a dark tale of the danger of false appearances and empty promises.

Design Team

Director -Paul Davis

Producers - Paul Davis & Yvonne Hildebrand-Bowen

Production Manager - Victoria Sanchez

Stage Manager - Victoria Sanchez

Lighting Designer - Emma Satchell

Musical Director - Jerrod Unowitz

Choreographer - Taylor Rhoades




Leading Player - Justin Gaudoin

Pippin - Ty Barrett

Catherine - Audrey Moonan

Charlemagne - Christopher Heimer

Fastrada - Maddie Jewell

Lewis - Alex Thibbeau

Berthe - Linda Felice

Theo - Josh Hart


Laurel Bowen ,Bailey Brewer, Adrian Clark, Alexandra Collard, Isabella Gomez, George Haugen, Dani Heimer, Jordyn Howell, Ashley Lyon, Emma Millette, Eva Moore, Sophia Moore, Lauren Pick, Isabella Rowntree, Taylor Safina, Cady Simons, Colin Skerritt, Maya Sritharan, Alyca Tanner, Jerrod Unowitz