Mentorship Program

Paraphrase Productions is always looking for more ways to educate aspiring artists in the craft of theater. We believe that theater should never stop growing and changing and therefore we should never stop learning. Paraphrase Productions wants to continue training new Directors, Producers, Stage Managers, and Designers that will bring new ideas and inventive approaches to old techniques. The Mentorship Program allows for aspiring artists to further their craft in a hands-on envioronment.

Rehearsal for Little Shop of Horrors

Rehearsal for Little Shop of Horrors

The Mentorship Program at Paraphrase Productions is a unique opportunity for people to gain an in-depth, hands-on training in the area of theater they love most. Whether it be directing, Stage Managing, Producing, or Designing Paraphrase Productions hopes to fully equip new artists to to do what they love.


The goal of the Mentorship Program is to train new Directors, Stage Managers, Producers, and Designers to begin mastering the craft they are interested in pursuing. In doing so, we hope to continue receiving and depicting new views and visions that will create a more immersive enviorment of artists.


-March 18 | Application Due

-April 1 | Mentees Selected

-May 1| Mentorship Begins

-May 27 | Rehearsals Begin (Musical)

-July 13 | Opening Night (Musical)

-July 23 | Closing Night (Musical)

-August 1 | Rehearsals Begin (Play)

-August 17 | Opening Night (Play)

-August 20 | Closing Night (Play)

Course Description

Those interested in the Mentorship program will apply no later than March 18. Once applicants are selected they will be paired with a mentor in their corresponding department. That mentor will be responsible for training them to the best of their ability. Mentees will be given a number of tasks and responsibilities that train them for a future in that department. All mentees will serve as members of the creative team for both Pippin and Man of La Mancha for a period of 3 months.

Once Pippin and Man of La Mancha close, mentees will have the unique opportunity of producing Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. This program will end with each mentee taking on a leading position in their respective department. They will not only learn under a group of great mentors, they will be able to take on a show of their own and implement the things that they learned on the first section.

Application Materials & Process

Every Applicant Must Submit

  1. Official Paraphrase Productions Mentorship Application (Below)
  2. Formal Theatrical Résumé
  3. Formal Business Résumé
  4. Letter of Recommendation from someone other than a family member
  • Application Deadline: March 18
  • Applicants Accepted: 2
  • Eligibility Requirements:
    • Must be 17 years or older
    • Must have experience in Theater


The Paraphrase Productions' Mentorship Program is on a volunteer basis only. The only compensation we are able to give is community service hours for students as well as internship credit.

Program Sections

To apply for the Paraphrase Productions' 2017 Mentorship Program click "Apply" Below

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How many hours a week should I be expecting to put into this program?
    • A: Although it is different depending on what section you are in, you will be expecting to work around 60 hours a week. That will vary from week to week, however. If you are not able to work that many hours a week we will try to work with your schedule as much as we can. However know that professionals in the field will work a minimum of 60 hours.

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