The Forest Theater Guild and Paraphrase Productions

partnering together again to present:

Man of La mANCHA

July 14, 16, 20, 22

At the Outdoor Forest Theater

Directed by Andrew Marderian



Based on The Adventures of Don Quixote, by Miguel the Cervantes y Saavedra, Man of La Mancha is a comic tragedy of mankind's struggle to better both himself and the world in which he lives. When Cervantes started writing he intended a satirical burlesque of the then fashionable novels of chivalry; gradually the author's sympathies changed, ad the novel developed into a deeper, broader and more compassionate account of the adventures of and eccentric idealist in a hostile, greedy and cynical world, which leads the reader to the conclusion that if Don (Quixote is a fool it is because the world does not live up to his ideals. This feeling is perfectly reflected in this beautiful musical version of the story.

As with all the best allegorical tales, the oppressive mood of the fight against eternal evil is heightened by the sometimes comic, sometimes dramatic attempts of the hero to right all the wrongs of the world, and although his efforts at times seem puny and pathetic, the audience is left in no doubt as to the purity of intent that he instils into his self-imposed crusade.

At times both inspiring and thought provoking, the story is both very entertaining and very moving, and will warm the heart of everyone whose spirits were ever raised by the prospect of a victory by the underdog against all the odds.

The score is a musical delight, and contains one of the most moving moments in musical theatre as Don Quixote relates his personal credo in "The Impossible Dream".

Design Team

Director - Andrew Marderian

Producers - Paul Davis & Yvonne Hildebrand-Bowen

Production Manager - Victoria Sanchez

Stage Manager - Sierra Luna Gibson

Lighting Designer - Emma Satchell

Musical Directors - Justin Gaudoin

Choreographer - Taylor Rhoades



Don Quixote - Justin Gaudoin

Aldonza - Taylor Rhoades

Sancho - Colin Skerritt

Antonia - Maya Sritharan

Padre - Jerrod Unowitz

Maria - Alyca Tanner

Housekeeper - Audrey Moonan

Governor / Innkeeper - TBD

Cap of Inquisition - Alex Thibbeau

Pedro - Ryan Clem-Barnes

Duke/Carrasco - Taylor Landess

Barber - Ty Barrett



David Boehme, Bailey Brewer, Alexandra Collard, Barbara J. Evans, Linda Felice, Isabella Gomez, Christopher Heimer, Dani Heimer, Maddie Jewell, Justine Kitteringham, Ashely Lyon