Jerrod Unowitz

Positions: Musical Director, Actor

Age: 19

Musical Director: Addams Family: A New Musical

Actor: Little Shop of Horrors, Addams Family: A New Musical, South Pacific, Into The Woods, Evita

I always thought that I was just a performer. Having been involved in over 20 plays/musicals since my Sophomore year of High School, I was absolutely sure that acting was the only thing I was going to be good at. Over this time, I discovered an intense passion for music. I don’t know what it is, but something about the music in the MUSIC-al excites me much more than anything else within the show. Since starting school at Penn State University, I have studied all facets of theatrical production and I am more than excited to apply my newly developed skillset here at Paraphrase.

I never really felt like I was put together enough to take a leadership position in any production, but I guess that’s where Paraphrase comes in. Giving me the opportunity to be the Musical Director for The Addams Family gave me the chance to geek out about music, and fumble through teaching a cast the score of a show. I am stupidly excited for all that is to come for Paraphrase Productions and hope to be there, wildly swinging my arms in attempt to conduct.