Actors Malakai Howard and Taylor Perez Rhoades with director Andrew Marderian after a performance of  The Hunchback of Notre Dame  (July 2018).

Actors Malakai Howard and Taylor Perez Rhoades with director Andrew Marderian after a performance of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (July 2018).

Monterey County Gives!

November 8 - December 31

This year, Paraphrase Productions is participating in Monterey County Gives! This annual fundraiser hosted by the Community Foundation of Monterey County brings together the best and brightest local non-profits into one year-end fundraising campaign.

Running from November 8th to December 31st, MC Gives! offers all participating non-profits a prorated share of matched funds at the end of the campaign. This means any donation made to Paraphrase during the campaign goes even further!

Our mission is to shine a new light on theatre through peer-to- peer mentoring of young adult artists in theatrical performance and creative excellence. Now more than ever, we need YOUR help to keep creating opportunities for young adults in the Monterey Bay community.

There are two ways to support Paraphrase through MC Gives!

  1. Send checks with “Paraphrase Productions” in the memo line to:

    The Community Foundation for Monterey County

    Attn: MCGives!

    2354 Garden Road,

    Monterey, CA, 93940

  2. The easiest way is to give online! Click on the button below.


2017 Season Donors

ENSEMBLE ($5-$90)

Maya Aizcoman-  Debby Albright-  Liam Barnard-  Walt & Liz Bennett-  Laurel Bowen-  Kathy Bravo-  Alexandra Collard-  Bella Castle-  Becky Cooper-  Phrani Diksa-  Terry Eitelgeorge-  Barbara Evans-  Natalia Fanczy - Robert & Linda Felice-  Cathy Findley-  Rick Fitzgerald-  Grave Family  -  Katrina Harrison-  Dani Heimer-  Eliza Herbert-  Douglas Johnson-  Phil Johnson-  Salaar Kahn-  Charlie & Gayle Ludeman-  David McCornach-  Andrew McCornack-  Royce McCornack-  Bill & Ann McElyea-  Cat Melone-  MaryKay Michaels  -  Emily Minniear-  Leslie Simon-  Darold & Judy Skerritt-  Harry Skerritt-  Martin & Angelia Skerritt-  Natalie Surio-  Florence Thienel-  Linda Van Houtte-  Mika Yoneda 


PRINCIPAL ($100-$400)

David & Lisa Adrian-  Julie Armstrong- Isabelle Barnard-  Cameraon Barreto-  Alan & Alisa Bohme - Pete Gaudoin-  Theresa & Tom Gaudoin - Richard & Catherine Hambley-  Kevin & Sherry Harney - JT & Gretchen Mason - Robert McGuire-  Lary Moonan - Janice Perl  -  Bill Shepner-  Kathy Spake-  Bob & Rosemary Tintle-  Tim & Lynne Wong


SUPPORTING ($500-$900)

Kert Davis - Bill & Sally Kadell - Michael Legan



LEAD ($1000 +)

Terry & Betsy Davis-  G. Robert Evans-  Bob and Laraine Sanford


Where Your Donations Go:

What Your Donations Have Done:

Funded 5 Productions (and counting)

Provided Paraphrase with an ever expanding costume collection

Printed 800 Programs

Sold 1,400+ Tickets

Purchased 200+ yards of various tapes

Built flats and sets galore