Paraphrase Productions is always looking to partner with other organizations in the Monterey Bay to expand our mission of shining a new light on theatre. Scroll down to get the latest updates from these community partnerships.

Special Kids Connect


In September and October 2018, Paraphrase Productions partnered with Special Kids Connect to put on the REACH, Move & Sing class. Actors with many different abilities joined together to experience the fun, friendship, and joy that comes from practicing theatre.


The participants and volunteers all worked so hard, and appeared to have a lot of fun. As a special education teacher and a theater enthusiast, seeing my two worlds come together was such a wonderful experience!

-Jessica Liang, Instructor

"Paraphrase is so excited to partner with Special Kids Connect to make theater accessible to young adults of all abilities. Providing opportunity is what Paraphrase is all about--and students with special needs are just as capable of being enriched and empowered by the performing arts as anyone else."

-Andrew Marderian, Volunteer


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