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The above is a list of those who were called back from the auditions held in August. If you auditioned in August and your name is not on this list then you are not required to attend character-specific callbacks. If you have not auditioned yet and your name is not on that list, don’t worry, a new callback list will come out after December auditions. Please take a look at the requirements below for the character(s) you would like to be cast as so that you can be familiar with the songs in the event that you receive a callback for one of the below characters.


General Callbacks*: JAN 4th (5pm-9pm)

Character Callbacks**: Jan 5th (2pm-6pm)

All Callbacks will take place at Paraphrase Headquarters (125 Ocean View Blvd Room 312 Pacific Grove, CA 93950)

*All actors are asked to attend general callbacks. These callbacks will allow us to get a feel for how you move and how you respond to those around you.

* * Only those specified in the callback list above are invited to character callbacks. If you did not receive a character specific callback please attend the general callbacks only. If you received a character specific callback you are expected to attend both general and character callbacks on the 4th and 5th

Callback Songs

You are expected to learn the songs listed below for the character(s) you have been called back for. You will be permitted to bring lyrics and/or sheet music. During callbacks we are looking not only for your vocal ability but also your ability to hold the attention of the audience. If a character you are called back for is in a song with other characters you will only be responsible for learning the part of the character(s) you are called back for as listed next to your character. For all songs you are only responsible for singing the sections highlighted on your sides.

In addition to the songs listed below, each character will have sides for scene work. Please note that these scenes will not be disclosed until the day of the callback. If the character you were called back for does not have a song listed below (Mamma, Daddy Murphy, Daryl) you are still asked to attend character callbacks. Those individuals will only be expected to perform the sides given to them the day of callbacks.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding callbacks please email


-At Last [0:00-1:19]

-If You Knew My Story [0:21-1:05]


Billy Cane

-Bright Star [0:00-0:51]



-A Man's Gotta Do [0:00-0:35]


-Heartbreaker [0:37-1:18]



-Another Round [0:00-0:54]


-Ashville [0:00-1:15]

-ALWAYS WILL |0:00-end|

Daddy Cane

-She's Gone [0:17-1:08]