Shining A New Light on Theatre


Our Mission Is To:

Shine a new light on theater through peer-to-peer mentoring of young adult artists in theatrical performance and creative excellence.

Meet The Paraphrase Board

President: Paul Davis

Secretary: Elizabeth Davis

Treasurer: Kathi Lares

Member: Bob Sandford

Member: Laraine Sandford

Member: Julie Armstrong  




Meet The Paraphrase Staff

Directors: Paul Davis

Victoria Sanchez

Andrew Marderian

Choreographer: Taylor Rhoades

Musical Director: Jerrod Unnowitz  Justin Gaudoin

Costumer: Valerie Rhoades

Stage ManagersVictoria Sanchez

Andrew Marderian Sierra Luna Gibson



Founded 2015

Past Productions

Addams Family: A New Musical

Summer 2016

Little Shop of Horrors

Summer 2015


2017 Season

Forest Theater Guild and Paraphrase Productions 

Partnering Again to Present:


July 13, 15, 21, 23

At The Outdoor Forest Theater

Directed by Paul Davis


Give & Take


January 13-15

at Paperwing Theater

Directed by Paul Davis

Man of La Mancha

July 14, 16, 20, 22

at the Outdoor Forest Theater

Directed by aNDREW marderian


The Glass Menagerie

August 17-20

at Paperwing Theater

Directed by Andrew Mccornack

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Paraphrase wishes to recognize those who have constantly supported our endeavors to become who we are today

We wouldn't be here without these key partners and supporters


Forest Theater Guild

The Forest Theater Guild is one of Paraphrase's key partners. Because of them, we have been able to perform anually at the famous Outdoor Forest Theater in Carmel. The Forest Theater Guild not only aided us financially and physically, they have helped us learn and grow to be better masters of our craft.

Visit the Forest Theater Guild

STAR Foundation

The Star Foundation is what made Paraphrase Productions go from idea to reality. Paraphrase Productions partnered with The Star Foundation to produce it's very first musical: Little Shop of Horrors in the summer of 2015. The Star Foundation also supports a number of our actors through their annual scolarships.

Visit the Star foundation


Paper Wing Theatre Company

Paper Wing Theater Company stands as Paraphrase's first theater. The Paper Wing Theatre Company was generous enough to not only allow us to use their space for Little Shop of Horrors but also to help us finish creating a fantastic premier performance. Paraphrase hopes to continue this relationship and use Paper Wing Theatre as a venue for future performances.

Visit Paper Wing Theatre Company

Arts Council for Monterey County

The Arts Council for Monterey County is the very first grant organization to support Paraphrase Productions. Their grant for $4,500 has gone toward our 2017 Season. Our success is greatly due to the Arts Council for Monterey County.

Visit Arts Council for Monterey